About UltraPure

Milwaukee Valve developed the UltraPure product line to meet the significant challenges mandated by California’s AB 1953. This law requires pipes, valves and fittings used in potable (drinkable) water systems to contain less than 0.25% lead.

Fully certified by independent testing agencies, the UltraPure line features robust alloys that exceed the stringent requirements of California AB 1953. The UltraPure line includes ball, gate, globe and check valves made of brass or bronze. This complete product offering covers every application need for potable water systems.

A valve for every application.

By adding the new UltraPure valves added to our existing high-quality product lines, Milwaukee Valve remains your single source for virtually every residential, commercial or institutional application. From 1/4" bronze ball to 48" cast iron butterfly, you’ll find more than 10,000 valve types, sizes and configurations to meet your needs. Utilizing this extensive line of products, our experienced representatives can help you meet any water, HVAC installation, regulation and performance requirement.